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So you’re about to have a baby. Of course, everyone wants to know if you’re having a boy or a girl. Once you share the answer to the gender question the next one might be, “have you picked out a name?”

The pressure of picking a name is pretty overwhelming. Think about it. Your kid will have this name for his or her entire life. They’re stuck with it. Unless, of course, you pick one so terrible, they legally change it.

The baby name books, some of them bigger than a Bible, open up your eyes to the possibility of names you’d never thought of and others that you’d never even consider. Is the popularity of a name important in your decision making?

BabyCenter® , a pregnancy and parenting mobile and web destination, released the results of its annual Baby Names Survey and the Top 100 Baby Names of 2012. Based on the names of 450,000 babies born in 2012 to moms registered on the BabyCenter website, Aiden tops the boys’ list for the eighth consecutive year while Sophia holds tight to the lead for girls for the third year in a row.

Mia and Jack joined the ranks of the Top 10 list this year. BabyCenter reports that Moms also looked to new, unexpected sources for baby name inspiration this year.

“A unique or unusual name remains one of the top qualities parents seek in a baby name, but it’s trending down. What’s becoming more important to new parents is finding a name with meaning,” says Linda Murray, BabyCenter Global Editor in Chief. “Parents are looking for more substance in baby names. They want names with more significance.”

BabyCenter’s Top 10 Baby Names of 2012

Girls   Boys
Sophia  Aiden
Emma  Jackson
Olivia  Ethan
Isabella  Liam
Ava  Mason
Lily  Noah
Zoe  Lucas
Chloe  Jacob
Mia  Jayden
Madison  Jack

Moms were also influenced by pop culture. Believe it or not, some parents took inspiration from the book 50 Shades of Grey trilogy for baby name inspiration. According to date from BabyCenter, the name Grey is up nearly 20 percent, Anastasia jumped by 10 percent, and Ana climbed 35 spots, but the name Christian declined in popularity.

Other moms found their inspiration from “across the pond.” The UK influenced baby name trends this year. For instance, names of the members of the boy band One Direction are setting trends. The name “Harry” as in “Prince Harry” is also more popular. So is the name “Pippa” (the name of Kate Middleton’s sister).

It seems that even technology can set naming trends. According to BabyCenter, some parents may be naming their kiddos after their beloved smart phone. BabyCenter says, “The moniker Apple, though still an unusual choice, rose 15 percent for girls, vaulting a whopping 585 spots. For boys, the name Mac jumped 12 percent. And parents sure like the sound of Siri: The company’s voice-enabled personal assistant climbed 5 percent on the list of girl names.”

Other parents chose to look to the stars for inspiration. No, not stars as in celebrities, but as in outer space. Sky, Star, Luna, Skylar, Heaven, Stella, and Mars increased in popularity this year.

If you want to know how popular a particular name is, you can check the Social Security website to find out how a name is trending now and where it has ranked over time.

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