Easy Ways To Recycle Last Year’s Christmas Cards

by Katie Myers, Design Diva for GalTime.com

Ever feel like the Grinch when throwing away last year’s pile of holiday greeting cards? I know I sure do! To combat this Grinch-y feeling I’ve come up with a few creative ways to reuse and recycle these gorgeous holiday greeting cards.

If you’re in the mood to spread some cheer this holiday season just like Santa, pour yourself a nice steaming cup of hot cinnamon chocolate, and try making these simple Holi-DIY projects at home!

Make a Wine Bottle Tag. Festive parties are in full swing this time of year and bringing a gift is always a polite (and much appreciated) gesture to thank the host. Since a bottle of champagne or wine tends to be one of the most popular gifts, it’s a good idea to include a tag so the host can remember which gift was yours.

Step 1: Use a pencil to trace an outline in the shape (squares, circles, and stars work well) that you’d like your wine tag.

Step 2: Cut along the outline that you traced.

Step 3: Punch a hole in the top of the card.

Step 4: Write your message using a marker.

Step 5: Loop a piece of twine or ribbon around your card and tie it to the bottle. (Le Box Boutique Twine, $5.50)

Create Ornaments for the Christmas Tree! Pulling out the box of holiday ornaments and adorning the tree is a beloved annual tradition for many families. In addition to admiring pieces from the past few years, turn old cards from friends and family into new sentimental reminders on your tree. When creating the ornaments, try to use colors or winter scenes that match the rest of your tree.

*Follow the steps described above, but tie card onto a Christmas tree.


Create Wine Markers. You know how it is – you’re in the middle of a party and you set your glass down in the midst of a great conversation. Then, after you’ve finished chatting you go to grab your glass and can’t remember which one is yours! This doesn’t have to happen to guests at your holiday party as long as you take just a few minutes to create wine markers. Make sure each glass showcases a different scene or color scheme.

*Follow the steps described above, but tie card onto a champagne or wine glass.


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